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A bunion is a hard deformity that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe. A bunion is caused when the big toe pushes against the next toe, forcing the big toe joint to enlarge and protrude. The skin on the bunion can be red and sore.

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Ankle injuries are caused by twisting the ankle joint beyond its normal position. Ankle injuries most commonly occur during sports activities or when walking on an uneven surface that causes the ankle to twist unnaturally.

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A hammertoe occurs when the middle joint of a toe is stuck in a bent position, leading to rubbing and irritation of the top of the bent toe. Hammertoe is caused by a muscle and ligament imbalance around the toe joint.

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I have seen Dr Joseph several years ago, and didn’t hesitate to go to him again when I needed foot surgery. So far experience has been great, I’m healing well, and foot looks brand new. Dr Jospeh and Jonicha made sure everything went smoothly, and post op took care of issues straight away.*

– Simon S.



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Gerard Boghossian, DPM – Avalon Podiatry – Los Angeles – Glendale November 20, 2015

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